How to Apply


JTS arranges tours of the DPRK for all nationalities, except South Korean and US citizens.

Applying for a tour of the DPRK could not be simpler. Here is the step-by-step application process:

i) Once you have decided which tour to take, please fill in this application form

We also require a scanned colour copy of your passport photo ID page and a scanned colour copy of a separate passport photo. We do not actually need your physical passport at any time in the application process.

Please send these three items to us at

ii) Your application will be acknowledged by return email within 24 hours, and we will require a EUR 350 / person booking fee at this stage to confirm your booking. This is to be paid via international bank transfer to a UK bank account. Full account details will be provided.

iii) At the same time, we will ask you to email us a signed copy of our customer declaration form, confirming you agree to our terms and conditons

Once the above items are received and acknowledged by us, your place on the tour is confirmed and there is nothing more for you to do for now.

iv) We will start your DPRK tourist visa application process around 6-8 weeks prior to your tour. You have two choices with regards to visa collection:

The easiest and most used option is to collect the visa in Beijing. For group tour customers, you will receive it at the JTS pre-tour meeting on the evening prior to travel. For private tour customers, you will receive it when you meet our KITC partner for the pre-tour meeting, which can be arranged at a time and place to suit you.

The alternative is to collect your visa from your local DPRK Embassy prior to departing your home country. Please contact us for a list of DPRK Embassies overseas. If collecting the visa from your local DPRK Embassy, there is more paperwork to fill in and you will also need to provide 2 x passport photos. Processing fees depend on the country. We can fill you in on the detailed process upon request.

v) If travelling by Air Koryo, your e-tickets will be sent in advance by email. If travelling by train and / or Air China, your tickets will be given to you in Beijing prior to departure at the pre-tour meeting.

vi) The tour payment is required to be paid prior to departure, normally at the pre-tour meeting in Beijing.

vii) Regardless of which type of tour you take, all customers attend a pre-tour meeting in Beijing prior to departure. For group tour customers, this take place on the evening prior to the start of the tour and also includes a complimentary welcome meal where you can meet your fellow travellers. For private tour customers, you will meet our KITC Beijing Partner at a mutually agreed place and time. At the pre-tour meeting, we will recap on the do’s and don’ts of the tour, run through the itinerary and answer any last minute questions you may have.

viii) On departure day, please arrive in plenty of time at the airport. Upon arrival into Pyongyang and clearing customs and immigration, you will be met by your two KITC guides for the start of your tour.


Chinese Visa Requirements

Kindly note that JTS is not responsible for customers’ Chinese visa requirements and this is to be arranged separately by the customer. It is now possible for many people taking a tour of the DPRK to avoid the need for a costly Chinese tourist visa entirely, by opting for the 72 hour transit visa. This can save customers a substantial amount of money. Please visit our Chinese 72 hour transit visa page for more information.

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