Terms and Conditions


Juche Travel Services, as Official Agents for and on behalf of the Korea International Travel Company, look forward to welcoming you on a tour of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We would like to draw all customers’ attention to our terms and conditions as set out below.


Booking and Cancellation Policy

A booking deposit of EUR 350 / person is payable at the time of your tour application (for some special interest tours, please note the booking deposit is higher).

Please note that the booking deposit is non-refundable except for the following cases:

  • In the event that your DPRK visa is refused and this refusal is not attributed to any fault on the part of the customer, then the customer shall receive a full refund minus associated transaction costs. Please note such refusal is very rare and we have only had one situation in our four year history where a visa was refused, and in this particular case it was justified; 
  • In the event of force majeure, including but are not limited to war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather or road conditions, fire, bureaucratic obstacles, changes in schedules or mode of transport by airlines, train operators and all similar events outside our control. If such an event or circumstance arises and said event or circumstance results in an inability to proceed with the tour, customer will be entitled to a full refund minus the transaction costs associated with this refund.

The tour balance is payable prior to the start of the tour either by international bank transfer or by cash in Beijing. If the customer decides to cancel their tour prior to its commencement, they will be liable to pay the tour balance owed at the time of such cancellation as follows:

  • More than 30 days in advance:   0% of the tour balance
  • 15-30 days in advance:                  50% of the tour balance
  • Less than 15 days in advance:      100% of the tour balance

If the tour balance has not been paid at the time of cancellation and monies are due to us in line with the above, then customers are required to pay the relevant amount even if they have decided to cancel the tour.


Tour Itinerary 

Due to the nature of DPRK tourism, it is possible that your itinerary may change before or during your tour, sometimes at the last minute. Whilst we will do everything we can to make sure the tour will follow the proposed itinerary, all itineraries provided by JTS / KITC are subject to change at any time and JTS / KITC will bear no responsibility for changes to the itinerary and reserve the right to make changes to it if required.


Customer Declaration

The way tourism is arranged in the DPRK is quite different to anywhere else in the world. It is important for the enjoyment of our customers and success of the tour that customers realise this and are fully aware of what this entails. For more information on how DPRK tourism works, we have a comprehensive DPRK travel guide highlighting the main points. It can be found here.

Prior to travelling with us, all customers are required to sign a customer declaration confirming that they are aware of these specific arrangements and are in compliance with the following points. Kindly note that if you are unable to do so, with regret we will be unable to arrange your tour.

i) You are visiting the DPRK for tourism purposes only;

ii) You are not employed as a professional journalist or professional photographer;

iii) You will follow the instructions of your KITC and JTS guides regarding all matters of photography and filming;

iv) Any photos, videos, notes, diaries, logs or other media taken during your time in the DPRK will be for myour own personal use, and will not be sold, distributed, published or broadcast for commercial gain or profit and/or without permission of JTS;

v) You will treat the DPRK’s political and social system with respect and sensitivity throughout the tour;

vi) You will be escorted in the DPRK by your KITC guides, and will remain accessible and in contact with them at all times during the course of the tour;

vii) You will not disseminate or distribute any religious materials, recordings, books, publications and the like of whatsoever nature to anyone in the DPRK.

viii) Juche Travel Services, as Agents for and on behalf of the Korea International Travel Company, cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or mishap to me or my property including travel delays or cancellations, robbery, sickness, government interventions or any other happenings, and in such cases I have in place an adequate travel insurance policy against any possible risks that may occur.

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