Skydiving at the Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival 2017

Last year, a small group of professional skydivers made history by being the first foreign tourists to parachute in the DPRK as part of the Wonsan Air Festival 2016. They performed a series of jumps including several small formation skydives, culminating in a demonstration performance in front of 15,000 local Korean spectators on the second day of the Festival.

After this ground-breaking success, we are delighted to be expanding skydiving opportunities at the Wonsan Air Festival 2017 with the aim of performing an International Friendship Formation Skydive on the day of the Festival itself, including local Korean jumpers from the Pyongyang Air Club. This will be the first ‘big way’ formation skydive ever performed in the country and will undoubtedly be a Festival highlight.

We have put together a specific 4 night skydiving itinerary which can be viewed and downloaded below. 6 jumps in total are planned, from 3 different aircraft types. 4 jumps will be practice jumps on the days leading up to the Festival, and 2 will take place during the days of the Festival itself, in front of a cheering crowd of local Koreans and international visitors.

General information about the event can be found on the official website, and skydiving participants will have full access to the full 2 days Festival:


Tour Details

The skydiving tours will start and finish in Beijing. Please click on each tour listed below to download a full detailed itinerary.


Thursday 21st – Monday 25th September 2017 4 nights Wonsan Air Festival  EUR 2,145 / person
Thursday 21st – Thursday 28th September 2017 7 nights Wonsan Air Festival, Pyongyang, Kaesong and DMZ EUR 2,505 / person


+ All potential participants must be experienced skydivers. They will ideally (but not essentially) have Big Way experience. Newly qualified and novice jumpers are regretfully not permitted.

+ All participants are to submit the skydiving information form together with their application documents, which will be checked accordingly. Please also provide a scan of your membership card / license of your national skydiving authority.

+ Other skills and opportunities e.g. canopy formation displays / wingsuit displays are actively encouraged and can be incorporated into the Festival – please contact us for more information.

+ The main point of contact for all parachuting matters will be Mr. Herman Landsman – well known and highly regarded within the skydiving community.


How to Apply

Please send us an email to attaching the following items:

1)  Completed Air Festival application form (download it here);

2) Completed skydiving information form (download it here) plus a scan of your skydiving licence / club membership card;

3)  Scanned colour copy of your passport photo ID page (black and white not accepted);

4)  Scanned colour copy of a separate passport photo (black and white not accepted).

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and inform you of the next steps.

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