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Do you have a passion for teaching and wish to share your talent, effecting positive change and development in a meaningful way? The 2018 all-inclusive Working-Holiday programme offers a unique chance to live, work, and travel in North Korea for three weeks, teaching your national language at the Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies whilst also exploring what the country has to offer!

Any questions? Contact our team at: info@juchetravelservices.com




Sunday 15 July 2018 – Saturday 4
 August 2018

20 nights (+2 nights on the train) 


  .The Mission:

The Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies is searching for native speakers of the following languages:
*Please note that the teaching will concentrate on advanced levels only (B2 level and above).

German: 5 teachers (for 70-80 students)

Spanish: 2 teachers (for 30-40 students)

Arabic (Standard): 2 teachers (for 30-40 students)

Portuguese: 2 teachers (for 20 students)

Cambodian: 1 teacher (5 students)

Lao: 1 teacher (5 students)

Thai: 1 teacher (5 students)

Persian: 1 teacher (5 students)

Hindi: 1 teacher (5 students)

Bulgarian: 1 teacher (5 students)

Hungarian: 1 teacher (5 students)

Czech: 1 teacher (5 students)

The Plan:

Monday – Friday
In the mornings you will plan your lessons ahead of class. After lunch you will teach two or three lectures (one hour each) of advanced level language.

In the downtime there will be an opportunity to explore Pyongyang and the surrounding areas with a varied tourism itinerary.

At the weekend we offer two overnight excursions; at the end of week one you will visit Panmunjeom and the historic city of Kaesong near the DMZ whilst after week two you can explore the stunning Myohyang mountains, home to the International Friendship Exhibition.

See the official itinerary by clicking here

What to Expect?

Truusje joined our 2015 Volunteer Programme as an English language teacher, based at the Pyongyang Tourism College.
Speaking on her experience, Truusje said:

“The programme was an incredibly interesting experience. I got to teach some lovely students. They were so keen and teaching them was a lot of fun. I was sad to say goodbye to them. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

Tamara joined our 2015 Volunteer Programme and taught Tourism Marketing at the Pyongyang Tourism College.
Speaking on her experience, Tamara said:

“Teaching Tourism Marketing at Pyongyang Tourism College was an unexpectedly rewarding experience. My students (teachers of the College) were bright, very motivated to learn and willing to actively discuss our topics in class, so it was a real pleasure teaching them. Before the course I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had an almost complete freedom in designing my classes, so I could share the latest academic knowledge combined with lots of practical examples. Altogether I felt that my classes could effectively contribute to tourism development in the DPRK and it’s a great feeling.”


There are two choices with regards to your visa collection:

A: The easiest and recommended option is to collect the visa from our Beijing representative at the pre tour meeting in Beijing- please note we do not require your passport at any time, the visa is issued on separate paper and your passport is not marked in any way – the cost for this service is €50;

B: Alternatively you can arrange to collect your in-passport visa from the local DPRK Embassy in your home country (please contact us for more details on pricing and a list of DPRK diplomatic missions).

Pre-Tour Meeting

Prior to departure we will gather for a pre-tour meeting in Beijing. At the meeting you will be given your DPRK visas and a chance to ask any last minute questions you may have. Afterwards, a complimentary welcome meal is served, allowing you to get to know your fellow teachers.

Who should apply?

 Open minded, enthusiastic and engaging educators with a sense of adventure!
Native language speakers
Language teaching experience

How to Apply

For more information or to submit an application please send us a completed application form (download it here) together with your Curriculum Vitae as an email attachment to:


We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 24 hours and inform you of the next steps regarding visa application and further tour details.




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