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Grand Rail Tour 2019
27th October – 6th November 2019
(10 nights in the DPRK with 2 nights on the train)

JF 2-8-2 Mikado / Mika-6 / Puruso Japanese built steam locomotives / Working Industrial Steam / Pyongyang Metro / Private Charter Diesel Train

As well as
Vintage ‘Chollima’ No. 903 Trolleybus / Modern DPRK-made Trolleybus / Tatra T4D Tram / KT8D5K Tram / Chongjin Trolleybus

Whilst also Exploring
Pyongyang / Kaesong & D.M.Z / Mt. Myohyang / Wonsan / Hamhung / Chongjin / [+Rason & Tumangang]

JTS is a DPRK travel and transport specialist and the first tour company to re-introduce rail tours to the country after a long hiatus. Our first tour, in September 2013, was followed by further successes in 2014, 2015 and 2016. After a three year break, the 2019 tour will be bigger and better than ever!

The most exciting element is the significant increase in steam locomotive content, including relatively long-distance rides compared to previous tours. This is in addition to our cross-Korean odyssey on-board our well-equipped diesel-hauled private charter train, conveying the group along rail routes very rarely travelled by foreign tourists, plus the large array of public transportation offerings.

There is also the exciting possibility, should you wish at the end of the tour, to travel all the way to Moscow via the super-rare border crossing at Tumangang / Khasan on the Trans-Siberian railway, using the extremely elusive DPRK international carriage. Should you take this option, you would be one of only a handful of tourists to have ever undertaken such a journey before.

This comprehensive tour will appeal not only to rail enthusiasts but also intrepid travellers and repeat DPRK visitors looking for something completely unique!

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View the Grand Rail Tour 2019 Itinerary
(10 night all-inclusive tour with optional exit via flight (to Beijing) or train (to Moscow)

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Tour Highlights

Experiencing extended steam rail travel in the DPRK for the first time in several years;

Travelling on board our own private charter train with comfortable seated and sleeper carriages, on board bar and restaurant car;

Viewing the Korean countryside from ground level by train, along stunning rail routes taking in picturesque, rarely seen coastal and mountain scenery;

The unique opportunity to experience public transport in Pyongyang; ride on several trolley buses, trams and the metro across the capital;

Visits to rail related sights of interest: the Pyongyang railway museum and metro museum, plus street level photography opportunities of Pyongyang’s tram and trolley bus network;

Staying in some of the DPRK’s most luxurious hotels; the Majon (5*), Hyangsan (5*), and the Pyongyang Koryo Hotel (4*);


German Version:

Große Eisenbahn- und Verkehrsreise (Grand Rail Tour) 2019 Programm
(10 Nächte All-Inclusive-Tour mit Abreise wahlweise per Flugzeug (nach Peking) oder Zug (nach Moskau)

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Höhepunkte der Tour
Erleben Sie erstmalig diese ausgedehnte Dampflokfahrt durch zum Teil bisher unbesuchte Regionen der DVRK;

Einmalige Erlebnisse an Bord unseres eigenen privaten Charterzuges mit komfortablen Sitz- und Schlafwagen, mit an Bord sind eine Bar und ein Restaurantwagen;

Betrachten Sie die koreanische Landschaft aus bester Perspektive direkt vom Zug aus, entlang atemberaubender Eisenbahnstrecken, die eine malerische, selten gesehene Küsten- und Berglandschaft bieten;

Nutzen Sie die einmalige Gelegenheit, öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Pjöngjang zu erleben; fahren Sie mit mehreren Oberleitungsbussen, Straßenbahnen und der Metro durch die Hauptstadt;

Besichtigungen von Bahnhöfen: das Eisenbahnmuseum Pjöngjang und das U-Bahn-Museum sowie Möglichkeiten zum Fotografieren des Straßenbahn- und Oberleitungsbusnetzes von Pjöngjang;

Aufenthalt in einigen der luxuriösesten Hotels der Demokratischen Volksrepublik Korea; so z.B. das Majon Hotel (5 *), das Hyangsan Hotel (5 *) sowie das Koryo Hotel (4 *) in Pjöngjang;

Fresh off the press: Authentic DPRK (North Korea) 2019 Air Koryo Calendars. £20/€25 (+P&P)

Tour Price

We are offering customers a variety of finishing points in China and Russia so you may tailor your journey to suit your timings and budget:

Entry and Exit via international sleeper train from/to Beijing
Sunday 27th October to Thursday 7th November 2019
(10 nights in the DPRK + 2 nights on the train)

EUR 2,995 / person

Accommodation is in shared twin rooms. If travelling solo, we will match you with another single traveller.
If you would prefer a single room, the single room supplement is €315 / person (hotel nights only).


Via Air Koryo flight Pyongyang – Beijing
Sunday 27th October to Tuesday 5th November 2019
(9 nights in the DPRK + 1 night on the train)

EUR  3,095/ person

Via the DPRK-Russian border at Tumangang – Moscow
[see below for route information]
Sunday 27th November to Monday 4th November 2019
(8 nights in the DPRK + 1 night on the train)

EUR  3,160/ person

If departing via the DPRK-Russian border you can take the train directly to Moscow where it arrives 7 days later on 11th November 2019. Please note this train can be delayed en route. Please contact us directly for ticket prices for this section of the journey. You can also elect to exit the train at any station along the way including Khabarovsk (5th Nov.) Ulanude (7th Nov.) Irkutzk (8th Nov.) Novosibirsk (9th Nov.) or Permi (10th Nov.) as well as various other stations.

How to Apply

Should you wish to make a booking, please complete the Rail Tour application form [download it here] and send as an email attachment to:


We aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours
After receipt of your application we will advise on the next steps regarding visas and travel arrangements
For more information on booking please see our terms and conditions page

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