Hamhung is the second city of the DPRK, with a population of around 770,000 people. It is located on the East coast, around 115 kilometres north of Wonsan. It is an industrial city with large scale heavy industry, chemicals and textile production. There are also some excellent stretches of pristine beaches nearby.

Grand Monument of Mount Tonghung

A man-made hill made to elevate the Grand Monument of Kim Il Sung, which was added to recently with a second monument to Kim Jong Il. It provides a great view over the city.

Hamhung Bongung

This is the building which once housed the founder of the Ri Dynasty. Within its peaceful grounds are some ancient trees, which, it is said, will bring luck to whoever hugs them! The local guide is well known for her bawdy tales of yesteryear.

Kumchon Pavilion

Built in 1108, it functioned as a command post during times of war, and a watch tower during peacetime. It was first built in the Koryo dynasty and rebuilt in 1613 during the Ri dynasty.

Majon beach and pleasure grounds

A relaxing spot on the East coast, the Majon pleasure ground offers a wide, sandy beach to relax.

Ryangchon Temple

Situated at Rakchon-ri, this temple was built in the year 753, rebuilt in 1636 and enlarged in 1729. It is well known for its size and history, containing within it many preserved relics including paintings of the period.

Hungnam Fertiliser Complex

Here is a rare chance to see DPRK industry up close. It is possible to take a guided tour of this manufacturing plant where all the processes of production will be explained to you.

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