South of Wonsan is the Mount Kumgang region. The mountain itself stands at some 1,639 metres high, covering 40 kilometres from East to West and 60 kilometres from North to South. The area is dotted with wonderful scenic spots, valleys, waterfalls, coastline and historic sites, best enjoyed on foot whilst taking in the fresh mountain air.

Kuryong Waterfall

According to a legend, nine dragons once lived at the foot of Kumgang Mountain, and so we have the Kuryong Falls – Nine Dragons Waterfall. Reaching some 74 metres in height, it is an impressive sight, and there is a great hike to the top which is dotted with small rock pools.

Jongyang Temple

This Buddhist temple was constructed in the year 600. There are also remains of later Silla, Koryo and Ri dynasty works which have been preserved.

Podok Hermitage

Situated in the delightful Manphok Valley of Inner Kumgang, the buildings were constructed in 1675 during the Ri dynasty.

Hiking Opportunities 360img

There are great opportunities for hiking around this area, with routes of varying lengths and grades.

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