Situated on the West coast of the DPRK, Nampo is an important port, ship building centre and industrial base. Linked to Pyongyang by the Youth Hero Highway, it is home to the impressive West Sea Barrage as well as being one of the few places in the country where you can see DPRK industry in action, at the Chollima steelworks, Taen glass factory and Kangso mineral water plant.

West Sea Barrage 360img

This impressive construction feat, completed over the course of 5 years and opened in 1986, it is considered as a major infrastructure achievement of the DPRK. Spanning 8 kilometres, consisting of 3 lock chambers and 36 sluice gates, it achieves its three goals of raising the Taedong river to allow ship traffic, preventing sea water from polluting the fresh river water, and allowing for irrigation of the surrounding land. Ships up to 50,000 tonnes can pass through the locks. A railway, motorway and footpath all run along the top.

Chongsan Cooperative Farm

This establishment is well known throughout the country as a ‘model’ of socialist farming. It has been visited numerous times for on the spot guidance from Kim Il Sung, who developed the ‘Chongsan-ri Spirit’ of its namesake, and Kim Jong Il. The farm produces crops, vegetables and fruits including rice, corn and beans. Visitors are given a tour of the farm and its buildings, including welfare facilities like the school and the housing.

Industrial Facilities 360img

The Nampo area contains several industrial sites that are open to tourists, including the Chollima steelworks, Taen glass factory and Kangso mineral water plant. A full guided tour of each facility can be arranged, giving customers a unique chance to see DPRK industry ‘in action.’

Kangso Mausoleums

Built in 408 in the period of Kwanggaetho, the 24th king of the Koguryo dynasty, these tombs are known for their excellent mural paintings on the walls of the chambers depicting scenes of the era.

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