Located in the far North of the country on the border with China and accessible only by charter flight, the Mount Paektu region is a sacred place for the DPRK, for several reasons. Firstly, it is where Kim Il Sung waged guerilla warfare against the Japanese, and secondly it is also the official birthplace of Kim Jong Il. As well as this, it is an immensely beautiful region, with fine mountain views, pristine forest and fresh air.

Mount Paektu 360img

Standing at a height of 2,750 metres, it is the highest mountain in all of Korea. Formed from volcanic activity in the third period of the Cenozoic era, its crater lake ‘Chonji’ (meaning Heaven) is the deepest mountain lake in the world, descending to 384 metres. The waters are normally frozen from mid October to the following June, and hundreds of species of flora and fauna live along its shores. There are ample opportunities to enjoy scenic walks to take in the magnificent scenery.

Kim Jong Il’s Native Home

This historic site is the birthplace of General Kim Jong Il, on February 16th 1942. The preserved house contains relics used by him during his childhood.

Grand Monument of Lake Samji

Built in 1979 as a memorial to the revolutionary achievements of Kim Il Sung, this epic monument consists of more than 80 different sculptural groups including a 50 metre tall flame tower.

Paektu Hall

This building, opened in 2002 and situated in the town of Samjiyon, acts as the introduction point of the region. It contains a general relief map of the area and gives visitors some background information to the importance of Mount Paektu to the North Korean people.

Rimyongsu Falls

A unique waterfall, flowing from Lake Chon and spreading over 4 kilometres. Even in the depths of winter, it never freezes, providing visitors with a unique sight.

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