Kaeson Youth Park 360img

A modern funfair, completely renovated in 2010 and situated at the foot of Moran Hill, offer thrills and fun for its visitors with many different rollercoasters and rides. It covers an area of around 400,000 square metres.

Moran Hill

Referred to by many Pyongyang dwellers as the ‘Garden of the capital’, Moran Hill offers visitors a green oasis to relax and recuperate. Within its grounds are many historic remains, ramparts, the Ulmil Pavilion, Chilsong Gate and Cohesong Pavilion providing marvellous views over the city from its peak.

Pyongyang Central Zoo

Keeping over 650 species of animals and totaling 6,000 local and foreign sourced animals, including those bequeathed to Kim Jong Il as gifts from foreign parties. It includes an aquarium, an elephant enclosure, aviaries, a lion enclosure, a hippopotamus enclosure and many others.

Central Botanical Gardens

Nestled at the foot of Mount Taesong, the botanical gardens contain nearly 6,000 species of local and foreign plants. The gardens include Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia greenhouses, a plant museum, ornamental trees, medicinal herbs, fruit trees, an arboretum, and nursery gardens

Meari Shooting Range 360img

Situated in the Sports Village on Chongchun Street and completely refurbished last year, this entertaining diversion allows visitors to try their aim on a variety of firearms, both real and simulated.

Rungna Dolphinarium and Fun Fair 360img

Completed in 2012, this leisure complex, situated on Rungna Islet in the middle of the Taedong River, offers a variety of entertainment options including a dolphin show, fun fair rides, water park and mini-golf course.

Munsu Water Park 360img

Another recent addition to the Pyongyang cityscape, Munsu is a huge indoor and outdoor leisure centre featuring water slides, pools, indoor and outdoor sports courts, sauna and steam room complex, restaurants and cafes.

Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling Alley

Good fun for a night out, try your skills on the ten pin bowling alley. A good chance to see Pyongyang residents at leisure.

Mirim Riding Club 360img
An impressive complex located in the East of Pyongyang, it was opened in October 2013. Consisting of indoor and outdoor riding arenas, it also houses a unique museum charting the history of the DPRK’s three leaders’ equestrian activities. On site you will find a range of bars, cafes and even a sauna and spa facility. 
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