Wonsan is an attractive port city situated on the East coast of Korea, around 2 hours drive from Pyongyang. It is home to shipbuilding and fishing industries. A great view of the city can be enjoyed from the Changdokdo lighthouse and there are some pristine sandy beaches at the nearby Kalma peninsula. Wonsan is also the nearest major city to the Masikryong Ski Resort.

Changdokdo Lighthouse 

Situated at the end of a lengthy pier, this viewpoint offers a picturesque panorama across the city of Wonsan, especially at sunset. The walkway to the islet is dotted with local stalls where you can try some freshly caught seafood. 


Situated right on the coast, this area of pleasure grounds stretching to around 500 hectares is dotted with verdant pine trees and clear waters, and it is possible to bathe in the sea here on the white, sandy beach. There is a botanical and zoological garden providing an attractive backdrop. Songdowon is also known for the International Children’s Union Camp, a large extracurricular centre for local and foreign children that was recently refurbished to a very high standard.

Wonsan Revolutionary Museum 360img

Originally the site of Wonsan railway station, it is now a historically preserved spot as the place where Kim Il Sung started his ground journey to Pyongyang after Liberation.

Chonsam Cooperative Farm 360img

This is another model cooperative farm where visitor will have a chance to learn about farming in the DPRK. It is a substantial size, self contained settlement with farm buildings, accommodation, theatre, barber, shops and medical centre. The speciality crop of the farm is the persimmon, and there is the chance to buy dried ones from the farm shop.

Wonsan University of Agriculture

Founded in 1948, this was the first agricultural university in the country and possesses faculties in farming, agricultural biology, animal husbandry, fruit farming, veterinary and other related areas. It has its own miniature practice farm and greenhouses.

Lake Sijung

A delightful, still lagoon, it is situated just to the south of Wonsan. Visitors find the calmness of the waters very relaxing. Locals also come here to fish. It is possible to stay on the shores of the lake at the Sijung Lakeside Guesthouse.

Ullim Waterfalls

One of the country’s most celebrated waterfalls. They descend some 75 metres at a rate of 25 cubic metres per second.

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